managing e-waste since 1995

What We Do

We provide a computer recycling service for businesses and residents of the Atlanta, Georgia area.  Just give us a call at 404-551-5174 or email us at recycle (at) with your disposal needs and we will be happy to provide a pickup/disposal quote. 
We specialize in prompt, courteous and professional service for all customers from small offices to truckload quantities.

Hundreds of Atlanta businesses have trusted us with their e-waste, will you?

CBS Sixty Minutes exposes mis-handling of e-waste in China:

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We guaranty 100% domestic processing of your e-waste.  No unprocessed e-waste is exported to non OECD countries.

Who We Are

Did you know that over 700 chemicals are used in the manufacturing of a typical PC, including toxic materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, etc?  Zentech was founded by Julian Powell, a chemical engineer with 28 years experience in electronics manufacturing and recycling.  We built these products and we know how to recycle them in an environmentally sound manner. 

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